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Fraud alert

Fraudulent emails claiming to be from the ANTS are going around!

Fraudulent emails claiming to come from the ANTS are being sent to users.

If you have received an e-mail from the ANTS, like the one below, informing you of an offence and requesting online payment of a fine, please do not click on the link. This is a fraudulent e-mail.


The ANTS does not collect payment for fines.

To pay your fines, go to the online fine payment service.

Fraudulent email sent to users

 For your security:

  • If you get a phone call or text message from an unknown number: Do not provide your usernames, passwords or bank details.
  • Look closely at the sender’s e-mail address and the content of the message.
  • Don't automatically click on links. Mouse over the link to check that it is consistent.
  • Beware of attachments.
  • Change your passwords regularly by going directly to the website.

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